our mission

Naos Design Group is a complete hands on “Client Service” architecture, planning and design firm. We have established ourselves as a concierge of architecture, meaning we are driven to provide absolute client satisfaction. More than 96% of our projects are from return clients. We dedicate ourselves to delivering successful projects on time and on budget. With our philosophy of incorporating design led by form and function, aesthetics come naturally. From the onset each project receives a personalized hands-on approach from a team of professionals along with direct participation from the firm’s principals. Our team firmly believes that continued success begins and ends with client satisfaction.


Naos is a national design firm that has had the opportunity to work with some of the most prominent corporate clients and well known real estate developers in the country. With the support of our clients, Naos has become well versed in many sectors of the industry completing thousands of projects from Florida to Alaska. We specialize in design, construction documents, interiors, site planning, master planning and extensive field verification for remodel projects.

who we are

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Retail
  • Master planned shopping centers
  • Core and shell buildings
  • Tenant finish
  • Owner/tenant coordination
  • Mixed-Use
  • Fitness centers
  • Office
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate
  • Campus
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hospitality
  • Municipal
  • Health Care
  • Industrial
  • Residential (multi-family and single-family)

why choose Naos Design Group

  • Schedules are prioritized and met throughout the project, from initial programming and design to finalization of construction and grand openings.
  • We provide options and guidance to make sure the final design decision is the best one for the client.
  • Permit process is completed smoothly through an in depth knowledge of local building codes and requirements. We have worked with over 40 local jurisdictions in Colorado, including dozens of projects in the city of Denver within the past year.
  • Budgets are implemented through each phase. We have worked closely with contractors and cost estimators on many projects to accurately maintain budgets throughout the scope of our work.
  • Design is important. Each project has a distinctive goal with aesthetics. We enjoy working with clients to meet their vision and tie it into a design that works with the overall project.
  • From emails to in-person meetings we strive to keep an open line of communication at every step of design. Communication is one of the most important factors to successful partnerships and design.
  • We will have dedicated personnel to oversee the construction process and make sure that it goes smoothly.
  • Change orders and delays are minimized through extensive details in the construction documents.


Marc Breetz


Marc Breetz is a founding member and acting principal of Naos Design Group. Marc, originally from Ohio, holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Ohio State University and a Master of Architecture from the University of South Florida. Marc has called Colorado home since 2006 and is an avid hockey fan, both of the Colorado Avalanche as well as his son’s games and practices.

At a young age with his grandfather, Marc developed a need to figure out how things go together and why they work together to function. That desire to understand constructability and function led him into architecture. He will be the first to tell you that it is not all about the design but the function and construction.

Marc represents his dedication to Architecture through oversight of the highest level of construction document quality control. As architect of record for all Naos projects, he is NCARB Certified and holds Architecture licensure in 34 states. Marc maintains a cohesive working relationship with authorities having jurisdiction throughout Colorado and frequently works with code officials on code interpretation and implementation of the code in Colorado and across the states where he is licensed. As Director of Architecture for Naos Design Group, Marc has established and maintains a level of architectural standards that achieves continued constructability success, sustainability and authoritative approval while focusing on the clients’ budget.

Form ever follows function.
– Louis H. Sullivan

Jordan Bonicelli
Associate Principal


Jordan Bonicelli is a founding member of Naos Design Group and a proud Colorado Native. In his early years Jordan participated in varsity athletics and competitive skiing. Mr. Bonicelli earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado Boulder. He also holds a Master of Architecture accompanied by a Design Build Certification from the University of Colorado Denver.

Jordan’s inherit design skills are bred naturally through his Italian blood lines. His passion for architectural design is influenced by art, fashion, automobiles and technology. His intuitive understanding of scale is rooted in his appreciation of ancient Roman architecture. Jordan’s extensive education, hands on construction background and diverse design experience lends him the knowledge required to bring innovative solutions to the toughest design challenges. Jordan’s focus is creating a harmonious balance of functionality and form. As the firm’s Associate Principal he is Lead of Design, Client Liaison and Director of Operations.

Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.
– Mies van de Rohe